A little about Esthers

Who are we

Though its membership is mainly made up of women, it is open to anyone who is interested or called to pray. We believe in the power of prayer and we have faith in the word of God. We believe that God is faithful to His word.

Where are we

Esthers have a presence in many countries including Pakistani, Zambia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Kenya and the U.K.
We are listening and open to going wherever the Lord would have us go


Esthers for the Nations have a support network of women who are there to support each other on a personal level. The organisation does support individuals, through donations, gifts, prayer, bible study and prayer.
We also bring our professional skills to the ministry to help and support others. We have counsellors, coaches, social workers, Doctors and nurses on our team. This extensive bank of Resource helps us meet people’s needs effectively.

The organisation also holds conferences to share knowledge, encourage and build each other up.

About Esthers

Esthers Ministry was founded by Florence Sutherland following a prompting from the Holy Spirit to raise women that will pray. This has now evolved into Esthers for the Nations as it reflects a new wider remit, while still keeping the original aims that we have built upon, we are a stronger and wider community in the realms of international ministry.

We are an interdenominational ministry with a presence in a number of countries. We are mostly women from many walks of life with one aim and desire which is to grow in our prayer lives, to see God move in our families, communities and nations bringing an out pouring of his spirit. We desire to work with other prayer initiatives and learning from those that have been here before us by being participating members of our churches and prayer groups We are accountable to the Lord, each other and our leaders.

Meet some of our team

Florence Sutherland

Founding director and president
Ann Hubbard

Ann Hubbard

Vice President and Vice Chair


Audrey Najuko

Events organiser

Cherrie Masvaure

Chair and Midlands area Co- ordinator

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Esthers Restoration Center
120 High Street Chatham

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Ann Hubbard
Mon - Fri, 9:00-17:00

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