Flourish is our empowerment programme which includes education for girls and women

It includes an Art and craft project which is an initiative aimed at improving the livelihoods of women in disadvantaged communities by giving them skills in handmade products and providing markets.

Esters Flourish Art and Craft project is an initiative aimed at helping women becoming self sufficient and helps them grow in their Christian walk. The organisation was created after identifying the needs in our communities especially during the covid pandemic.

The organisation plans to introduce programmes that help empower disadvantaged women in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and Malawi.

The covid pandemic saw many people losing jobs and worsening the financial crisis in many homes. Mainly affected are women and children. The initiatives will provide women with training and offer a ready market for their products.

Project Objective

Creating jobs for women and girls in disadvantaged communities.

Training Skills offered

Women will be empowered with the following skills

Hand embroidery
Mat making
Hand bags

Some of the products that our Women produce are shown below. Please contact us for further information on how to purchase them

What We Are Working On

Target Groups

Person interested in African history, culture and traditions who loves handcrafted items and is willing to pay its worth.


Target hotels and lodges in Zimbabwe and then eventually move into the region then finally international markets


Aims to train at least 100 women by the end of the first year. And creating an average income of 1000USD per year for each household in the first year of operation.